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Looking for a car locksmith in Memphis TN? Techno Lock keys - Auto locksmith prides to offer most of automotive locksmith services in Memphis. Some people in our community think the dealership is the only way to get help for their car keys needs. Before calling dealers and pay too much for car keys made or car key programming, contact us to get faster response, high quality and cheaper cost in town. We assist you by mobile auto locksmith who they're trained, licensed, bonded and insured to provide you with the right solutions for your automotive needs. The technicians are ready 24 hours/ 7 Days a week for any emergency locksmith services and make sure your vehicle stay safe.


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Car Lockout Service \ Car Door Unlocking

Looking to find locked out of car service in Memphis? Locked out of your car, your car keys locked inside the trunk or even locked keys in car ignition are not difficult situations to be handled if you hire trusted and skilled professional auto locksmith to help you out of the situation fast. No matter where you are at, day, night or holidays, what type of car you have, we are mobile auto locksmiths helping you in your location. don’t feel bad, take a breath and call Techno Lock Keys at 901-361-3955. Car Door or trunk unlocking services are among the most common locksmith related incidents we come across. With the service areas we serve in Memphis, our mission is to be the best and fastest emergency locksmith service for cars needs. Our Mobile Locksmiths provide professional and most reliable car lockout service in Memphis. Where are the locksmith to call when you are locked out! 901-361-3955.

Have you lost your car keys and no spare? has your car key been broken off in car door or ignition and looking for car key replacement? You're at Techno Lock Keys place - at the right place!. Don't worry! We cut, duplicate and replace all car make and models keys, whatever the type; standard, GM VAT, transponder chip, high security, fob, or Smart key. When you need a new car key made from scratch and car keys made on site you'll find us there at your location by our mobile car locksmiths to get your  car keys made for cheap guaranteed price! We have high quality keys that stay long lifetime with you. Also it is a good idea to obtain additional keys for your car because you'll save much money instead of get it again from scratch if you lose it. Our locksmith for car keys services are ready 24 hours when they get the customer's service by the dispatchers. We provide high quality keys made on site within 10-15 minutes. Call at 901-361-3955 and provide us your car's year, make and model, and we'll take car of it. 

Looking for a locksmith to program your car key? Have you bought a key online or somewhere else and try to find a locksmith to program it? Some car keys produced after 1995 and up now need to be programmed to a vehicle in order for it to properly start the car. When you buy a key online pay your attention to the key quality, and to be compatible with your car. Transponder keys and proxy remotes have specific chips according to your car with the corresponding FCC. In case of you have a proxy remote with push to start button ignition, there's no need for the insert key to be cut to get the car start except if you need it in emergency case when the battery is dead. For the standard transponder key with a blade, it should be cut to be able turning ignition on in order to follow programming instructions. If you chose the proper key as mentioned above, our auto Locksmiths can program all transponder car keys and proxy remotes with the exclusion of any specific brands. We carry all of the necessary equipment and advanced programming machines to program car keys to all models on the spot.


Your car key broken off in the door lock or ignition? IF yes you'll find our auto locksmiths beside you. How to get broken key out of ignition in a car sometimes it's complicated problem if you don't hire a professional and skilled locksmith. Don't try to pull/ push it by any traditional tools, it may harm your door lock or ignition lock. After many years of use, your car key will be shabby and may break off in the door lock or in the ignition. When this happens, unfortunately your lock cylinder will be unusable until you can get the broken piece out. If your car was already locked when the key broke, you will not be able to open it, and you’ll need a new key as well. In some situations the ignition lock turns when you re-insert the broken-off part of the key, and you still can start the car and drive, but you never know when/ where you will get stuck. Key extraction requires very careful technique to effectively remove a broken car key from a vehicle without damaging the lock. Our auto locksmith will be able to assist you by get the broken key removed and make a new key according to your key's type; regular, Vats, or transponder chip. Remember, our skilled and approved auto locksmiths can provide you solutions to any sort of vehicle from small cars, vans or trucks.


Looking for car door lock replacement, car door lock repair shop? it'll be lucky charm when you find us as we experts and mobile locksmiths to replace, repair or re-key car door locks. If your vehicle's lock mechanism has been damaged, car's door has been changed because of door assembly damage, door lock is jammed and won’t open, or your car key has been stolen and you need to change, re-key or repair the lock; as a licensed company, we provide trustworthy lock repair and re-keying services for a variety of car makes and models. We'll make your new key to work with your locks, if needed. Lock replacement or re-keying can result in damage to your vehicle if not done right, so be sure you hire a professional locksmith.


Encountering ignition key problem? With us no more and you will never need to consider getting your car towed into an expensive shop as we are the local and mobile Ignition Repair experts. A key stuck in a car’s ignition can lead to internal damage. The common causes of ignition problems are; (1) worn out or jammed up wafers. A key ignition has a set of wafers that index with the corresponding cuts on the key. After many years of use, these parts may become worn our packed with dirt and grime causing the switch to fail. In some case the ignition switch can be repaired without the need for replacement. (2) Worn out key. Also over time  as the key looses material the key will work less and less effectively and becomes worn. Having a worn key causing attrition of wafers set.We offer quality ignition services such as: Ignition Troubleshoot, Broken Key Extraction, Ignition Switch Repair, Ignition Switch Install. Keep in mind, most of them it will be properly fixed without need to replace it if you choose the right locksmith. We are experts and fully equipped with higher technology tools and machines to take care of your ignition problem.


Lost, broken your keyless entry remote? Are you looking for remote entry replacements? You're at the right place! Key fobs and car entry remotes allow you to lock, unlock, open the trunk and set off the alarm of their car from a distance. When you need an extra or replacement key fob then you''ll buy one from a local dealership or online store. You can get cheaper at least 35% or more on Key fobs or car entry remote than a local dealer. For online option, there is no big difference if we offer it for you same day with warranty and avoiding yourself away to ship it again if you got a wrong one. If online order still your desire, try to get the correct one according to the part number and FCC. Our electronic specialist can help you to replace, fix or program any keyless remote. If you want to fix a broken or make a new car remote keyless entry remote, we provide Replacement Keyless Entry Remote solutions 24/7 to take car of it anywhere in Memphis. Our car locksmith technicians can meet you at your convenient place and time to provide Car remote keyless entry remote service. Call us for wide selection of automotive wireless control remotes replacement, repair, install or program ignition doors and trunk keys duplication and reprogramming.