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Ignition Lock Repair / Replacement

Your ignition lock cylinder is locked and won't turn? With techno auto ignition locksmith you'll not need to consider getting your car towed into an expensive auto shop as we are the local and mobile Ignition Repair experts. A key stuck in a car’s ignition can lead to internal damage.

The common causes of ignition problems are; (1) worn out or jammed up wafers. A key ignition has a set of wafers that index with the corresponding cuts on the key. After many years of use, these parts may become worn our packed with dirt and grime causing the switch to fail. In some case the ignition switch can be repaired without the need for replacement.

(2) Worn out key. Also over time  as the key looses material the key will work less and less effectively and becomes worn. Having a worn key causing attrition of wafers set. We offer top rated ignition services such as: Ignition Troubleshoot, Broken Key Extraction, Ignition Switch / Lock Cylinder Repair, Ignition Switch / Lock Cylinder Install. Keep in mind, most of them it will be properly fixed without need to replace it if you choose the right locksmith. We are experts and fully equipped with higher technology tools and machines to take care of your ignition problem.